Plateau-blocks (with drilled tobacco-chamber, draught and handle drill)
To each drilled plateau-block we offer all mouth pieces uncut in our range (Acryl - Epoxyd - India Rubber - Cumberland) with handle-drill fitting 9 mm teflon cone.
Ringornaments made of Epoxyd or ornamental wood (see ornamentel wood) with 10,5 drill can be put and pasted on the teflon cone suitable and individual.
Plateau-block€ 30,- (€ 35,70 incl. VAT)
ring ornament€ 2,- (€ 2,38 incl. VAT)
teflon cone (10,5 or 8,8 mm)€ 0,70 (€ 0,83 incl. VAT)
Drill/Paste of cone€ 0,70 (€ 0,83 incl. VAT)
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