Acrylic blanks for mouth pieces
The acrylic blanks for mouth pieces are suitable for the production of mouth pieces for all brands and freehand pipes thanks to their dimensions.
High-quality handmade mouth pieces for unique pipes are possible thanks to the precisely executed bore and the deep and wide milled slot
10% discount on all orders more than 30 pieces total (all types and colours)
The mouthpieces can also be supplied bent. If necessary, add an X to the order, price € 1,00  (incl. VAT € 1, 19)
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Acrylic Mouth Pieces
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Acrylic Mouth Pieces
Acrylic Mouth Pieces
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Mouth Pieces
If required, we can drill the mouth pieces and stick on the corresponding Teflon Cone (for further information please click on this word) . The dimensions of the mouth pieces are designed so that it is still possible to make any changes to the length For example, if you would like No. 105 to be shorter, simply add this request to your order. (We are only able to shorten if we also carry out the drilling and sticking).
Example orders:
Mouth piece, black
Mouth piece, basic
Mouth piece with cones
Shortened mouth piece with cones (e.g. 90 mm long)
105-601-90 mm
Mouth piece, coloured
Simply write the colour you require on your order form
E.g. 105-236
For further information about the pricing of the Teflon Cones please navigate to Material / Other Materials / Teflon Cones. The drilling and pasting procedures cost € 0,80 (€ 0,95 incl. VAT). You can also order the Teflon Cones separately. For the pasting, we recommend our Two Component Glue No. 612.
Note:  we offer a 10 % discount on all orders of more than 30 mouth pieces (all types).